Ferry FM Presenters

Hendi presents Hendi’s Hits weekday mornings from 10am. 3 hours of music and banter to start the day.
Connor “Big Bopper” Smyth presents Irish Country on Monday night.
Jimmy Leavy presents The Retro Chart Show Tuesday night at 8pm and Saturday at 12noon.
TC brings us his Singalong show on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 8pm
Davy Sims takes us on a musical journey Around The World from 10pm on Sunday evenings.
Jippo brings us the Kool Skool Disco on Saturday nights from 8pm.
4 hours of great upbeat tunes to have you dancing round the living room.
Paul Thomas presents the 70s at 7pm.
Rachael looks after Love On The Lough (and she also loves her munchies)