Covid-19 Update

Following an increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, additional restrictions have been introduced for people living in Northern Ireland. These new restrictions have been put in place to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and to help manage the pressures on our health and social care system. This page will be updated with detailed information as it becomes available.

The regulations were introduced on 16 October 2020 and will be in place for four weeks.

The regulations are available on the Department of Health website:
Health protection coronavirus restrictions regulations

Some of the restrictions will be in law through regulation, while others will be in guidance. 

Everyone is legally required to comply with the regulations.

Everyone has their part to play in stopping the spread of the virus in the community by:
limiting contact with others
regular hand washing
wearing of face coverings
good social distancing

If you display any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, self-isolate straight away and book a test.

A summary guide outlining the restrictions is available to download at this link:
A guide to the current restrictions in Northern Ireland

Households are not allowed to mix indoors in private homes. Certain exemptions apply, including:

– bubbling with one other household
– childcare
– building or maintenance work
– the services of trades or professions (close contact services are not allowed)
– providing care or assistance, including social services, to a vulnerable person
– giving or receiving legal advice or assistance or fulfilling a legal obligation
– providing emergency or medical assistance to any person
– a house move, and to do associated activities for that purpose, including viewing properties and making arrangements for removals
– a marriage or civil partnership where one of the couple is terminally ill

Children whose parents do not live in the same household can move between homes as normal.

More details here:-