Portaferry Gala 2021

Welcome to Portaferry Galafest 2021. All Gala events are ticketed events and will adhere to current Covid Rules and Guidelines. Check Portaferry Gala Facebook and Website for details on what’s taking place, how to book and register.

Ferry FM will be broadcasting online throughout the week and keeping you up to date with all that’s happening. Listen on your Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV and Smart Speaker. We’re available on various apps including TuneIn, Radioline, MyTuner Radio.

Radio Broadcast Hours

Whilst our audience has grown greatly over the last 2 years, unfortunately our income hasn’t. Despite our best efforts to attract advertising to the station, we simply can’t sustain the cost of broadcasting 24/7. Radio stations pay to play music, as is only right, how else would musicians, publishers and composers earn a living otherwise?

If our audience continues to rise at the rate it has done, we will be faced with an unsustainable bill. The directors have taken the difficult decision to reduce the station broadcast hours to those hours with the biggest local audience:- 6pm – 12am weekdays; and 12pm -12am weekends. We realise this will come as a big disappointment to our “ex-ports” in the US, Australia and Canada but rest assured, the directors will keep exploring avenues to enable the service to resume full-time broadcasting.

Thanks for listening and remember our podcast page has listen again items posted on a regular basis. Fans of Hendi’s Hits will be pleased to know the programme will continue on Slice Audio, weekdays 10am – 1pm.

Covid-19 NI Update

Coronavirus is still here. The current regulations are in place until 5 March 2021. They will be reviewed on 18 February 2021. Some of the restrictions will be in law through regulation, while others will be in guidance.  Everyone is legally required to comply with the regulations.

The regulations will be available on the Department of Health website:

A summary guide outlining the restrictions is available at this link: